If water has found its way into your home or your business it may cause devastating damage, the harm caused by flooding goes deeper than just the exterior. The amount of flood water and its source is important in determining the proper approach to clean up. A swift and proper cleanup is imperative in order to prevent further, more costly damages, that are not immediately visible.

The key to dealing with flooding is to address any water damage or leaks as soon as they are noticed. Periodically survey your home or business for signs of water leaks. Once any damage becomes visible, even if appearing minor at first glance, there is a good chance that damage has occurred for some time. Another suggestion is to be attentive to musty smells. Hidden damages can range from mold and mildew growing under carpets, floorings, and drywall, to the complete breakdown and rotting of the building materials that affect the entire structure. Also, it is crucial to know that molds and mildews pose serious health risks.

Monsoon storms that cause thunder, lighting and torrential rainfall can lead to flooding that can damage your home. American Restoration wants homeowners to know several important tips to follow to better protect their houses, businesses and surrounding property during monsoon season.

American Restoration can help you with all of your flood restoration services, but it is always better to avoid flooding if at all possible. With regular HVAC maintenance, you can avoid flooding and help your home stay in tip-top shape.

If you want to try to avoid flooding, go ahead and get a regular HVAC maintenance service plan. A professional can check your unit to make certain that it is not leaking. A professional should check your main drain lines and emergency drain lines to make sure that there are no blockages. They should also check for leaks in your lines that can cause serious damage over time.

Water damage is a frustrating possibility at all different times of the year. It's particularly prevalent during the winter months, however. If you want to safeguard your structure from the stresses of winter water damage, then you can rely on our tried and tested professionals at American Restoration any time. It can be a terrific idea to take note of potential triggers of water damage in the winter as well

Now is the time to prepare your home to prevent fire damage during New Mexico's fire season. At American Restoration, we hope you take advantage of these fire prevention tips.

Embers can travel up to a mile and ignite a home or flammable items near it. Homeowners can take steps to make their home less vulnerable to embers. The first step is to clean debris from their gutters and roof. Missing or damaged shingles should be replaced or repaired. Next, metal mesh screens should be installed to cover eave and attic vents to prevent embers from entering the home. Finally, anything flammable that is in contact with exterior walls, under decks, or beneath porches should be removed.

Mold and mildew thrive during the Winter months because of the wet climate. American Restoration can help you any time of the year with your mold and mildew problems.

As you heat your home and warm air rises to the top of your home or runs into a cold window, condensation forms. This condensation is a breeding ground for mold and can cause your home to be an unhealthy place.

Stucco is a wonderful material for house and building exteriors, possessing a number of beneficial qualities. Although stucco is water-resistant, it will become susceptible to water damage if not maintained. An early indication of water damage could be bumps on the exterior’s top layer, a form of delamination that can lead to the material falling off in sheets if left unchecked.

Water is a serious matter to homeowners. It can cause all sorts of problems and can destroy just about everything that it comes in contact with. It is important that you remove the water from the area once it is discovered. If there is damage to the area, it is vital that it is repaired right away by people that specialize in flood restoration. Here are some reasons why you will want to have the damage repaired in a timely fashion by the professionals at American Restoration.

A fire can start for any reason at any time. It might begin with a power cord spark, lightning strike or splatter of cooking oil on a hot stove. When fire damage occurs, it leaves its mark for all to see and smell. Smoke odor not only fills the air but also soaks into every porous material and lingers long after the fire has been put out. Wood burning odors aren't the only problem. A homeowner might have to deal with pungent and toxic odors from burnt plastics, flammable liquids or foam gap fillers and furniture cushions. At American Restoration, we want every homeowner to know that total fire and smoke restoration is possible. The process to deal with smoke and eliminate it effectively though takes time, patience and hard work.

With winter upon us, temperatures will be dropping steadily as the cold weather puts a grip on many areas of New Mexico. Being aware of space heater misuse/fire risk is essential to reducing the chance of a fire in the home. With 79 percent of fire deaths caused by space home heaters, according to a report that was

You may be wondering why it's important to keep your exterior pipes from freezing. When water freezes, it expands. That expansion can burst your pipes. Before cold weather strikes, we want to share some measures you can take to prevent freezing pipes outside of your home.

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