If you've been in New Mexico for any amount of time, the folks at American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC know that you've noticed the drainage devices or "drain spouts" on the sides of buildings and homes! These are called canales (can-AL-eez). While fun and stylish, these Southwestern design elements can cause a world of water issues around your home.

Monsoon season is rapidly approaching, that means wet weather, lightning and thunder. Although it is rare for lightening to strike a home, it can happen. That’s why it also boosts the chances of the dangers of residential or commercial fires. If your home or business is struck by lightning, you should call the fire department immediately. Most lightning fires tend to start in the attic or the walls of a structure, but they can start anywhere the lightening travels.

Independence Day fireworks are a tradition and, in most of the U.S., legal. However, legal does not mean risk-free; fire safety is a real concern. Improperly handled fireworks can mean injury to yourself or others and smoke damage or fire damage to your home.

Most of us in New Mexico have owned or currently own a home with a swamp cooler. American Restoration Water and Fire understands that your swamp cooler does a great job keeping you comfortable in the summertime, but that beast can also wreak havoc if its components break down! Here are some simple tips to make sure your home is safe and protected from swamp cooler mishaps.

The team at American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC understand the devastation that can be caused by even a small water leak. Major residential water leaks can spread thousands of gallons of water and cause over $25,000 in damage in just a matter of a few hours.

One of our customers is recovering from a recent major water leak-- where a broken washer connection dumped almost 3 inches of water over 3,000 square feet-- the entire home. Our crews worked for days to extract water and dry out the home-- taking us almost a week to complete that phase of our operation. Then it was up to our team to document, move out all personal belongings, and repair every room in the house and put all furniture and belongings back in place... a process that took almost 30 days.

Living in the great state of New Mexico, we enjoy ample sunshine, moderate precipitation, and low humidity. These ideal climate conditions can lure people into a false sense of security, particularly on essential items like the roof over our heads. As the saying goes, "the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining." There are few things business and homeowners dread more than a devastating business/home flooding situation which is avoidable with a little preventive roof maintenance. Home flooding is not only, expensive and inconvenient; everything it consumes is damaged or ruined. Flooding dangers like warped flooring damaged drywall, insulation, and compromised cooling, and heating systems are more headaches to deal with.

Nothing is more upsetting than coming home to see your house flooded. Lifelong possessions ruined. Electronic equipment damaged. Just a few inches of water can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Yes, sometimes we can't avoid life's unexpected twists and turns. Flooding dangers lurk in every home, yet American Restoration Water and Fire can help you lessen the chances of home flooding.

If water has found its way into your home or your business it may cause devastating damage, the harm caused by flooding goes deeper than just the exterior. The amount of flood water and its source is important in determining the proper approach to clean up. A swift and proper cleanup is imperative in order to prevent further, more costly damages, that are not immediately visible.

The key to dealing with flooding is to address any water damage or leaks as soon as they are noticed. Periodically survey your home or business for signs of water leaks. Once any damage becomes visible, even if appearing minor at first glance, there is a good chance that damage has occurred for some time. Another suggestion is to be attentive to musty smells. Hidden damages can range from mold and mildew growing under carpets, floorings, and drywall, to the complete breakdown and rotting of the building materials that affect the entire structure. Also, it is crucial to know that molds and mildews pose serious health risks.

Monsoon storms that cause thunder, lighting and torrential rainfall can lead to flooding that can damage your home. American Restoration wants homeowners to know several important tips to follow to better protect their houses, businesses and surrounding property during monsoon season.

American Restoration can help you with all of your flood restoration services, but it is always better to avoid flooding if at all possible. With regular HVAC maintenance, you can avoid flooding and help your home stay in tip-top shape.

If you want to try to avoid flooding, go ahead and get a regular HVAC maintenance service plan. A professional can check your unit to make certain that it is not leaking. A professional should check your main drain lines and emergency drain lines to make sure that there are no blockages. They should also check for leaks in your lines that can cause serious damage over time.

Water damage is a frustrating possibility at all different times of the year. It's particularly prevalent during the winter months, however. If you want to safeguard your structure from the stresses of winter water damage, then you can rely on our tried and tested professionals at American Restoration any time. It can be a terrific idea to take note of potential triggers of water damage in the winter as well

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