American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC is pleased to announce an exciting new client offer for our new customers—up to $500 off* your first qualified appointment with our company. New Customers will be pleased to know that American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC offers the following expert services:

Most of the time, the signs of water damage are easy to spot-- however, sometimes those elusive leaks are quite hard to detect when you’re shopping for a new home. Although prior water damage should always be disclosed, there is nothing wrong with being aware of what to look for and observing potential new homes for signs. Here are some of the things American Restoration Water & Fire LLC recommends you look for:

At American Restoration Water & Fire LLC, we help many homeowners restore their homes back to normal after major events like flooding or fires. We see home damage come from all sources, but when it comes to flooding and water damage, these are the most common causes.

Home insurance policies are something that most homeowners don’t give much thought to until they need them. In New Mexico, with monsoon season approaching, many homeowners can expect to experience water damage to their roofs. Understanding your insurance policy before disaster strikes can help you to be prepared for whatever comes your way. At American Restoration Water & Fire LLC, we are always here to help. Here’s a breakdown of what the different types of homeowner’s insurance cover. (We haven’t covered HO-4, HO-6, or HO-7 in this blog, this is focused on the typical Albuquerque and Rio Rancho home.)

It’s swamp cooler season and that can mean trouble! Those of us who use swamp coolers to cool or homes and businesses know the issues surrounding swamp cooler season. Anytime you combine water with your roof, pending disaster looms. American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC has some valuable tips to help you avoid expensive home repairs.

Monsoon season in New Mexico is coming up, and although this isn’t a state most people associate with flooding and heavy rains, every year, thousands of homes are damaged by floods. At American Restoration Water & Fire LLC, we help many homeowners pick up after flood damage, and interestingly, in most of those cases, some simple precautionary property maintenance could have helped reduce damage - or prevented it altogether. One step that homeowners can take to protect their home is to check their parapets for cracks.

At American Restoration Water & Fire LLC, we work with homeowners and business owners who have suffered tragic losses to their property, whether as a result of fire, flood, or something else. We understand that in this situation, our clients have a lot on their minds, so we try to make the process of rebuilding after a disaster as easy as possible. We interviewed Kimberly Cubett, our Content Division Manager to give you a closer look at our process and answer some common questions, so you know what it’s like working with American Restoration:

According to the American Red Cross, cooking is the chief cause of home fires. As you teach your children how to prepare meals, it’s prudent to start out with basic home fire safety principles. The team at American Restoration Water & Fire LLC cares about the welfare of each of our customers just as if they were members of our own family, so we encourage you to address this home safety matter with your family sooner rather than later. Here are some reminders from the Red Cross about fire safety in the kitchen:

Unfortunately, a fire can strike at any time. In the event of a house fire, being prepared can mean the difference between getting out safely and sustaining an injury. At American Restoration Water & Fire LLC, we frequently respond to fire calls, so we know the seriousness of preparing every member of the family for what to do in case of an emergency. The key to family safety is to hold regular fire drills.

In the aftermath of a home fire, the situation may look so serious that you wonder if you and your family could ever move back into your home. However, the crew at American Restoration Water & Fire LLC knows that not all homes need to be rebuilt from the ground up after a fire. In most cases, our experienced technicians can fix a fire-damaged home, so the family can move back in and resume their normal lives.

As we approach fire season, firefighters are preparing for controlled burns and the possibility of house fires in New Mexico. “The potential for a very severe fire season is definitely here” said Lieutenant Susan Powers, Wildland Fire Coordinator for the Bernalillo County Fire Department. The risk for a house fire is especially high if you live in an area near controlled burns, but the danger is still very real if you live in a metropolitan area. American Restoration Water & Fire LLC, responds to numerous fire calls every year, and we’ve seen fires caused by everything from candles to space heaters. Here’s a look at the three common causes of house fires.

Unsightly stains on your ceiling are more than unpleasant to look at, they can actually indicate that there is a larger problem at hand. Water stains on a ceiling usually mean that there is a roof or plumbing leak that needs to be addressed. So, what should you do if you see this problem in your home? American Restoration Water & Fire LLC, is here to walk you through the troubleshooting process.

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