In the year and a half that Tonya Smith has worked at American Restoration, she has become indispensable. After running her own business for many years, Tonya transitioned to the role of Organizational Manager with us, applying her keen knowledge of the field to our fire and water restoration business.

As Organizational Manager, Tonya is hugely important to our clients in the aftermath of disaster. She oversees the Content Department, carefully packing up our clients’ possessions, storing them, and then restaging them after restoration is complete. Tonya and her crew always inventory the items that are removed through an image system that documents every single thing that is packed and stored. As you might imagine, this position requires a detail-oriented person who understands how difficult these times can be for the families involved, and Tonya approaches every project with compassion.

In addition to her responsibilities with the Content Department, Tonya keeps all of American Restoration’s external services organized from communication networks, to storage, to keeping track of jobs in progress, and managing their expenses. Tonya works closely with both families and their insurance companies as they move through the restoration process, ensuring that there are no surprise expenses down the line.

Outside of her work at American Restoration, Tonya stays busy with a family of her own. Her three teenagers keep her on her toes as she attends their football games, track meets, and basketball matches. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree- Tonya is also an athlete, playing volleyball and taking regular runs near her Albuquerque home.

Do you have questions about the services that Tonya helps to deliver? Or about disaster remediation services? Get in touch with Tonya or any of the friendly staff at American Restoration, and, as always, we’ll be happy to help.

Join us in thanking Tonya for all that she does at American Restoration!