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If you have faulty or dusty air ducts, your home or business may become uncomfortable from the lack of airflow or allergens. Before the beginning of every season, you should check the functionality of your HVAC system and ensure that the air conditioning ducts are clean in your home or business.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Having the air ducts cleaned in your home or business can improve air quality and airflow immensely. Neglecting the maintenance of your residential or commercial air ducts could adversely affect occupants’ health if left unattended for too long. The air conditioning ducts should be cleaned effectively by a professional team to protect your family or employees from colds, coughing, allergies, and sore throat. When the ducts are clean, the HVAC system will function efficiently and provide a safer air quality.

The Process of Duct Cleaning by a Professional

It is important to hire an experienced professional to clean the air ducts in your home. When cleaning the air ducts, American Restoration techs will have the right equipment to get started.

Our techs will start by covering the supply registers using microfiber cloths. It is essential because it will help in keeping dust from spreading to other regions inside your house. American Restoration techs will also ensure all the return air registers are taken apart to make certain the dust in the piping system is cleaned effectively.

After gaining access to the air ducts, our heavy-duty vacuum equipment should reach the deepest spots easier to remove dust and debris. We will also look if mold has accumulated inside the duct-work anywhere. If mold is present our trained techs can begin the mold cleanup process as well.

Lastly, we recommend as a homeowner or business owner to replace the furnace filter to boost airflow and improve the lifespan of the HVAC system.

If you are considering hiring duct cleaning professionals, American Restoration Water & Fire is the right choice for you. At American Restoration Water & Fire, we use state-of-art procedures and equipment to clean your air ducts and the entire HVAC system. Our professional team will ensure that your family members enjoy safe and quality air when inside your house. American Restoration Water & Fire has quality brushes and effective vacuum systems that help remove debris and dust from your duct-work and heating and cooling system. We are local and serve all of New Mexico.

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