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The air inside your home can contain several pollutants and other unwanted particles. An in-home air purifier provides many benefits to keeping the air in your home clean and your family safe.

How are Purifiers Helpful, and What Do They Do?

An air purifying system will filter and clear the air of even the tiniest particles. It removes allergens, bacteria, and pollutants from the indoor air. Consider the numerous health benefits as well. Many people report that they now wake up without that stuffy or clogged feeling associated with dust and allergen build-up since they had a home air purifier installed in their home. The air purifying process will also help remove a lot of the bacteria and mold spores on many types of surfaces.

Will They Prevent Mold?

A purifier filters and traps the airborne mold spores from the air. It traps the spores in the filter and effectively clears mold spores in the areas in which they are most likely to grow. This could include the kitchen, basement, and bathroom. Mold spores can also occur on upholstered furniture. It is extremely important if you see mold in your home to have it professionally removed. American Restoration Water and Fire technicians are fully trained in handling and removing mold.


Should Air Ducts Also Be Cleaned?

Regular air duct cleaning and maintenance are vital to help keep the air in your home clean. Over time, moisture begins to cause mold and mildew to grow. Air duct cleaning stops the mold, which has a foul odor, from flowing throughout the dwelling.


About American Restoration

American Restoration technicians are certified in mold remediation by ACME Environmental (#071713-6) and air duct cleaning. Contact us today if you require duct cleaning or a mold assessment on your home.