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American Restoration is proud to be Albuquerque local since our beginnings. Over the years, we’ve responded promptly (usually within the hour) to emergency calls around the metro area. Our response time paired with our kind service and expert ability have made us a top choice in the city for restoration services in the aftermath of flood and fire, but did you know we offer these services on-the-go, around the whole state of New Mexico?

Our emergency response team is always ready, with 24-hour servicing and support, and are usually able to make it to you and get to work in around two hours. This summer we were on the move north up I-25 to Algodones and Las Vegas, where we responded to heavy rains that had flooded many homes and offices in the area. Our crew on the ground quickly and efficiently began the process of restoring peace of mind to the community through our efforts, which included everything from assisting families pack up their possessions to repair to moving everything back in.

In September, the rains that hit New Mexico associated with Hurricane Odile devastated many structures in southern New Mexico, including residences and businesses in Carlsbad and Roswell. Inches and inches of rain pounded the ground and severe weather lingered around the usually arid region. American Restoration is proud to have been on site as soon as possible, assisting in the rebuild of homes and offices that had been compromised. We continue to put a great deal of effort into helping communities in these regions repair and restore, so life can return to normal.

Our full complement of services and state of the art tools will get you back in your home in no time. We make the process as easy as possible. Call us any time, day or night, and we promise to make it as fast as we can, so you can rest easy. Have more questions about our services? We’re happy to talk as well! Give us a call at (505) 206-5277.