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It has been a chilly winter in the Land of Enchantment and is expected to continue until early March. As a result, the humidity levels in our homes have increased due to heating systems and reduced ventilation. These conditions provide a favorable setting for mold growth. The unique environment and weather here pose a significant risk, making it essential for residents to take proactive measures to prevent mold growth. In fact, according to the CDC, over 75,000 people in the US are hospitalized annually with fungal infections. In 2021, at least 7,000 people died from mold and fungal infections. Our American Restoration Water and Fire experts are here to give you an understanding of how to conquer and avoid mold growth during the winter months.

The Science Behind Winter Mold Growth

Winter might seem an unlikely time for mold to appear. However, the science behind winter mold growth reveals intriguing insights. In regions like the Southwest desert, winter can bring snow and rain, which, combined with indoor heating, can create the perfect conditions for mold to thrive. Mold grows in places that are hard to detect, such as walls and attics where humidity or moisture is present. It also flourishes in temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees. When left unattended, mold can decompose wood, rot carpeting and furniture, and damage insulation. Exposure to spores can even lead to health problems for those who are allergic.

Mold growing on a ceiling.

Conquering Mold with Care and Prevention Strategies

Being a proactive homeowner can transform your home into a mold-resistant sanctuary during winter. Here are some key strategies we recommend you adopt:

  • Improve Your Home Ventilation: Regularly airing out your living space will allow fresh air to circulate and prevent the stagnation of moisture that mold loves. Ensure exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms work correctly to help expel harmful humid air outside and maintain a healthy indoor environment.
  • Locate Vulnerabilities in Home Construction: Perform a comprehensive inspection to identify potential vulnerabilities that could result in mold growth. Be particularly vigilant in areas prone to condensation, such as windows, and address them with proactive measures like weather stripping. This will improve your home’s energy efficiency and act as a barrier against mold intrusion.
  • Incorporate a Tool to Combat Humidity: Embrace the opportunity to incorporate tools like dehumidifiers into your home. These silent guardians ensure that humidity levels remain at bay. Maintaining optimal humidity (ideally between 30-50%) creates an environment where mold struggles to thrive. Consider placing these dehumidifiers in moisture-prone areas like basements or crawl spaces for enhanced protection.

A dehumidifier next to a couch.

Professional Mold Remediation – Your Positive Solution

When it comes to issues that threaten your home, it’s important to know when to call in the experts. Instead of trying to handle mold removal yourself and not doing it correctly, consider it an opportunity to enlist the help of professionals. However, if the affected area is larger than 10 square feet, we do not recommend attempting cleanup. Mold remediation specialists like ours at American Restoration bring the expertise needed for thorough removal and a positive impact on your home’s overall health. By enlisting the help of experts, you can actively contribute to creating a mold-free environment without the added stress and uncertainty of taking on the task by yourself.

As winter continues, we encourage you to change how you think about mold growth. Instead of viewing it as a problem that arises during the cold season, view it as an opportunity to prevent mold growth now and in the future. With the help of experts, you can understand the science behind winter mold growth and be proactive to prevent it from happening. Doing so will create a mold-free haven in your homes and turn winter mold into a positive story of triumph rather than a source of stress. Let’s approach the season confidently and take control of mold growth today!

At American Restoration Water and Fire, our technicians and site managers are certified in mold remediation by ACME Environmental (#071713-6). Our experienced technicians will safely and effectively remove dangerous mold from your property. Don’t risk your health or the health of your family. If you suspect mold growing in your home or business, contact American Restoration Water and Fire. Call 505-206-5277 or contact us via our website.