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Property owners should understand that water supply lines or pressurized toilet tanks can create flooding dangers inside a residential or commercial structure, leading to significant damages to a building’s materials and structure. To prevent a flooding incident that can cause serious damage to a structure’s walls, floors or ceilings, at American Restoration Water & Fire, we recommend checking all of a building’s plumbing fixtures inside and outside of a building frequently. Some signs that a line is degrading is seeing metal corrosion or drops of moisture near the item, and if there is damage to the lines, then property owners should arrange an immediate repair.

However, if the lines do break our customers should move away from flooding dangers such as slippery floors or wet electrical wires, and contact us immediately anytime of the day or night for prompt remediation services. Because our technicians have IICRC certification, we are able to remove the clean moisture from broken water lines in addition to the dirty wastewater from a failing pressurized toilet tank. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification organization helps to train our technicians to make expert flood restoration repairs.

At American Restoration Water & Fire, we are ready to assist homeowners or business managers with flood restoration repairs after water supply lines degrade, leading to damage inside a building from the invading moisture. Located in Albuquerque, our technicians have IICRC certification, ensuring that our customers receive the most specialized repairs after a business or home flooding incident. Contact us for fast remediation services at 505-206-5277.