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When a major electrical fire struck their home, the Blackwells knew just who to call – the professionals at American Restoration Water & Fire. After the fire was put out, our technicians put up temporary plywood boards over the doors and windows to protect the property until it was ready to be reconstructed. The Pack In & Pack Out team gathered the salvageable contents of the home and placed them safely in storage. Any item that had incurred smoke damage had to be specially cleaned.

Rooms that had incurred smoke damage underwent a process called “structural cleaning”, smoke from the walls was cleaned and the space was deodorized.

Because the home had been built in 1977, our team performed an asbestos test, a requirement on any home built prior to 1980. The test came back positive. We brought in the EPA/AHERA certified asbestos experts at JENM. The rooms that had to be cleaned up were sealed off to prevent further contamination. Asbestos was removed and disposed of safely.

Due to the immense amount of damage, this job took quite some time. Although the damage was severe, the Blackwells are now once again living comfortably in their home. Throughout the restoration process, the client was able to choose and pay for some personal upgrades and custom touches, they’re happier with their home now than before the fire!