In the aftermath of a home fire, the situation may look so serious that you wonder if you and your family could ever move back into your home. However, the crew at American Restoration Water & Fire LLC knows that not all homes need to be rebuilt from the ground up after a fire. In most cases, our experienced technicians can fix a fire-damaged home, so the family can move back in and resume their normal lives.

Basics of Restoring a Home Damaged by Fire and Smoke

American Restoration employees will begin by touring your property, taking note of how extensive the damage is. Then, we devise a restoration plan to clean everything and then salvage, fix or replace everything that was destroyed.

The basics of a restoration job include:

  • Remove water: We must start drying out the premises, so we can clean everything that has been affected by smoke or fire.
  • Thoroughly clean everything soiled by the fire: This includes floors, ceilings, walls, furniture, windows and lighting fixtures.
  • Organize items: Separate things that are damaged beyond repair, those that are safe to leave inside the house and those that should go into storage until our restoration process concludes.
  • Remove smoke odor: The smell of a house fire can linger long after the blaze has been extinguished. We follow IICRC standards and processes to ensure the smoke odor no longer lingers in your home.
  • Stabilize the structure: On an as-needed basis.

If your family is staying in temporary lodging after the house has caught fire, you will likely have some questions about the restoration process. We will be happy to address any concerns you may have and answer any questions. Please connect with American Restoration today.