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Water damage to your home can be stressful, but most of the time, if the damage isn’t extensive, your home can be dried out without demo to your walls. Drywall is one of the areas most commonly affected by water damage. Drywall needs to stay dry, like its name states; otherwise, it can warp and rot. Correctly identifying the location of damage and measuring the moisture within your wet drywall is a critical first step in assessing how much drywall will need to be replaced or if the amount of water is enough to cause damage. At American Restoration Water & Fire, we will evaluate whether it can be salvaged or if it needs to be replaced completely.

One of the first things our water damage restoration team will do with drywall after the area is cleaned up is to measure the moisture in the drywall. This gives our experts an idea of the extent of the damage. Replacing drywall doesn’t always mean taking out large sections and could mean something as minor as removing the damaged sections in the affected area. The American Restoration Water & Fire team, will cut out portions of your drywall a few inches over where the moisture ends and then replace it with new pieces of drywall.

In areas of the home that see a lot of moisture, the damaged wall portion could begin to rot and grow mold. Once mold has started to grow on your drywall, it will continue to spread, and if you don’t know the dangers that mold can cause to you and your family, read our previous blog about it here.

Salvaging drywall isn’t a recommendation we will ever advise, as drywall does not return to its original shape even after drying, and this will cause warping as well as the known health issues surrounding mold. We have seen the damage water can do to homes, and as a reputable restoration company, we will do the work to remove and replace water-damaged drywall. The American Restoration Water & Fire team will work with your insurance company to help alleviate the stress that home disasters cause. We also offer an emergency response team because water damage doesn’t always happen within regular business hours.