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In Rio Rancho, nearly half of all older homes have a septic system. If not maintained, septic systems can become a disaster, leaving you with raw sewage inside your home and that is dangerous for you and your family.

When your septic tank is full, and if you’re lucky, your leach field will become wet with sewage. However, if you’re not, raw sewage will begin to fill the sewage pipes within your property. Because shower drains are essentially the lowest point in your home, sewage backup is likely to start there first.

To prevent your septic tank from getting to this point, here are some helpful reminders from American Restoration Water & Fire.

Here are some ways to keep your family safe and your septic system in check:

Have your septic tank regularly drained. The scheduling of draining your tank will be based upon the size of the tank and the size of your family. Your local septic tank service will let you know how often this service needs to be completed to keep your system healthy.

Have your filter cleaned. In some systems, there’s also a filter that needs to be inspected and cleaned. The filter is the final stage before sewage effluent moves its way to the leach or drain field. Your septic company will do this for you.

Maintain your leach field. Your septic company will also recommend and sell septic tank additives. Some are biologic and some are not. These additives help to break down the solids and create the “sludge” that is pumped out of your tank on a regularly scheduled basis.

Your friends at American Restoration Fire and Water, LLC are here to help when the worst case happens, sewage back up into your home. Remember, all sewage needs to be professionally cleaned up and sterilized for you and your family’s safety. American Restoration thrives on getting you back into the comfort and cleanliness of your home in a timely manner.