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Monsoon season in New Mexico is coming up, and although this isn’t a state most people associate with flooding and heavy rains, every year, thousands of homes are damaged by floods. At American Restoration Water & Fire, we help many homeowners pick up after flood damage, and interestingly, in most of those cases, some simple precautionary property maintenance could have helped reduce damage – or prevented it altogether. One step that homeowners can take to protect their home is to check their parapets for cracks.

Flat roofs in New Mexico are common. At the top of these traditional flat roof structures, are parapets, or low protective walls. Parapets serve as both a safety feature, and a stylistic or architectural feature. However, when the stucco on your parapet begins to crack with age or exposure to sun, wind, hail or rain, your home is left vulnerable to water and rain damage. This year, before monsoon season begins, take a moment to inspect your parapets.

Walk around your home and look for obvious signs of cracking or moisture in the stucco on your parapets. If you see steel mesh or lumber exposed, you will need a repair, as this gives rain a direct path into your home. Look at the edges of your parapets where they connect to your roof, this is another weak spot that can often show signs of wear. While you’re on your roof inspecting, you can also observe the area surrounding canales. If you see cracks around your canales, you will need to repair with roofing tar.

Of course, American Restoration Water & Fire wants you to keep safety first, so don’t inspect your roof if you aren’t comfortable. Major repairs call for a roofing professional. For more information on how to inspect your roof and perform basic repairs, check out our


. If your home has already experienced water damage, contact us, we’re here 24/7 to help!