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Commercial fire damage can be stressful and cause unplanned business closures. There is the fire itself to worry about and the water and smoke damage that often follows. It is essential to be aware of the most common causes of commercial fire and smoke damage to prevent your business from experiencing a devastating fire and closure.

One of the most common causes of commercial fire damage is kitchen fires. Staff training is essential in making sure that proper procedures are followed when working in a kitchen atmosphere. Ensuring that clean cooktops and ovens are free of grease and other combustible materials can prevent these fires.

Another common cause of commercial fire damage is faulty equipment. It can include everything from printers to air conditioners, to electrical faults/wiring. It is essential to have regular maintenance checks performed on all equipment in your business and ensure everything is up to code. Insufficient or improper fire suppression systems can also cause issues and should be inspected regularly.

Smoking is also a common cause of commercial fire damage caused by cigarettes carelessly thrown into waste bins. It is essential to have proper waste disposal procedures in place and ensure that all employees know the dangers of smoking indoors to prevent smoking-related fires.

Unfortunately, arson is also a common cause of commercial fire damage, often caused by disgruntled employees or criminals targeting businesses for financial gain. It is vital to have a security system in place and keep all areas of your business well-lit to prevent fires caused by arson.

American Restoration is full-service water, fire, and mold damage restoration company. We offer 24/7 emergency services and have a staff of highly trained and certified professionals. If your business experiences fire damage, please don’t hesitate to call American Restoration. We can help you get your business back to full functionality!