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As a homeowner, there are many things to keep in mind while maintaining your residence, one of which is risks for flooding. Flooding can lead to a variety of challenges for homeowners or business owners. Flood restoration procedures can include damage assessment, dehumidification, drying, sanitizing, cleaning, and restoration. Although some of the reasons for flooding might seem difficult to control, homeowners can adopt preventive measures to help avoid flooding or water damage in their homes. Therefore, homeowners must identify the typical causes of flooding before implementing proactive measures.

Broken pipes

The team at American Restoration suggests homeowners check the integrity of their piping systems regularly. Old pipes can break when water freezes and swells, thus leaking slowly. These small leaks in the piping system pose a future risk of flooding in the event of further damage or high pressure. Homeowners should fix leaky pipes as early as possible to avoid losses due to flooding.

Faulty drainage systems

One common cause of home floods is faulty drainage systems. The clogging of toilets, sinks, and showers can have more of an impact on your plumbing than one may think. The clogging of the drainage systems in your home can expose the house flooring, fixtures, and walls to extensive water damage. Leaky gutters, lawn, and sewer lines are also areas to be mindful of when it comes to concerns with flooding. Insufficient waterproofing.

During construction of the house, the foundation must have efficient waterproofing, reducing vulnerability to outside groundwater. Homeowners must ensure that their house is sealed through the construction of a strong foundation. Tiles in the basement must be appropriately sealed to minimize water seeping through during heavy rainfall and storms.

Natural flooding

Specific locations are more prone to extreme weather conditions. Therefore, homeowners should monitor changes in the weather and follow forecasts to prepare accordingly for flooding especially during monsoon season. Additionally, some terrains promote flooding, and thus homeowners should adopt proper landscaping to avoid flooding or have a weather plan for emergencies.

Malfunctioning appliances

Broken or improperly connected appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, or water heaters can lead to home flooding. Regular inspection of these appliance’s integrity and functionality to decide whether items require replacing or repairing will help. Homeowners should monitor these appliances for leaks or damage to avoid flooding and damage to their homes.

As you can see, there many ways to prevent flooding and water damage in your home. The team at the American Restoration is here for you during times of emergency. In the event, you might experience flooding or water damage and require flood restoration, contact American Restoration!