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American Restoration Water & Fire takes kitchen safety very seriously, and we want to help prevent as many home kitchen fires as possible. We have seen countless scorched kitchens and homes, and some of them could have easily been prevented. Here are some tips that can help prevent kitchen fires, but we understand that these events occur regardless of prevention techniques, so here are some things you should and should not do right after.

Our Top Kitchen Safety Tips:

  1. Always have a fire extinguisher located in an easy-to-reach and accessible cabinet.

  2. Choosing the right clothing: nothing that is too loose around the arms, nothing that dangles, and make sure your clothing isn’t highly flammable.

  3. You can prevent burns by turning handles on pots and pans to be over the counter or to the back of the stovetop. Nothing is facing outward because this can create a ripe scenario for burns and splatter if pulled down or pushed off.

  4. If a grease fire starts in a pan, do not add water. You need to suffocate it. That means that you need to find a cover for that pan and turn the heat off and let it be.

If your kitchen has recently experienced a fire and you aren’t sure where to begin:

  1. Take photos

  2. Keep a list of everything that was damaged

  3. Call your insurance company

  4. Wait for further instructions from your insurance company: They may want to send out a claim agent to investigate and assess the damage for themselves.

We understand that experiencing a fire within your home can create more stress for yourself. Still, after your insurance company has cleared you to start hiring for the restoration process, American Restoration Water & Fire will take that stress off your shoulders. We will work directly with your insurance company and keep you updated and give you a reasonable timeline. For all your home water damage and fire restoration needs, American Restoration Water & Fire is just a phone call away.