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As a policyholder, if your property is damaged due to fire, wind, or water-related disaster, you are responsible for providing proof of your loss. It’s up to you to manage your claim and ensure you receive total compensation for all your homeowner’s insurance policy benefits. The property insurance process can be complex, especially for significant losses. Follow these three tips to help you make the most of your insurance claim.

  1. Don’t Rush Your Self-Assessment– It takes time to do most things correctly, including dealing with home damage post-disaster. You want to act swiftly and call a restoration company like American Restoration Water and Fire, but once the disaster has subsided, don’t hurry. Take your time to examine your property thoroughly. Make a detailed assessment of structural damage, lost or damaged personal belongings, and other relevant details. Take comprehensive photographs and videos to provide evidence for your insurance claim. Being thorough and patient in your assessment ensures that all aspects of the damage are appropriately documented.
  2. Call a Local Restoration Company Before Your InsuranceOne often overlooked step is to reach out to a reputable restoration company, such as American Restoration Water and Fire, before contacting your insurance company. Restoration companies specialize in assessing and mitigating damage caused by disasters. You can benefit from their expertise and guidance by involving them early in the process. They’ll help you understand the extent of damage, provide temporary solutions to prevent further deterioration and assist in documenting the loss for your insurance claim. This can significantly improve the chances of a smoother and more successful claims process with the Allstates and State Farms of the world.
  3. Be Aggressive, Yet Patient– While being proactive and assertive in pursuing your claim, remain patient. After we have completed our initial work, promptly report the loss to your insurance company and provide them with all the necessary documentation. Follow up regularly to ensure progress and keep detailed records of all interactions.

Dealing with home damage and insurance claims can be challenging, but following these three tips can maximize your chances of receiving fair compensation, better prepare you to cope with the aftermath of a disaster and help you navigate the insurance claim process successfully. American Restoration Water and Fire is here to help every step of the way and work with your insurance directly for the repair and rebuild process. We offer 24/7 service and are just a call away.