Asbestos is a potentially toxic substance that was common in homes built before 1980. It was often found in floor tiles, siding, insulation and more. While it is still used in many products today, including some homes, the dangers of the substance have increased safety measures. The substance is dangerous when disintegrated into microscopic fibrous particles (known as being friable) that float through the air. The particles, when inhaled or ingested, are toxic to people and can cause many health problems, including death.

The safety of it in any form is debatable, but scientists all agree that it is dangerous in its friable form. It can cause many lung conditions such as:

Pleural Thickening

  • Pleural Thickening occurs after an extended exposure to it. The lining of the lungs (called the pleura) can thicken or swell up and cause shortness of breath and general discomfort.


  • Mesothelioma, a type of cancer that affects the pleura and peritoneum (a lining in the lower digestive tract). Asbestos is the singular cause of this cancer. Only about 40% of affected people survive past one year and only about 10% of them survive for five years.


  • Asbestosis is a condition in which the lungs becomes severely scarred with long-term, repeated exposure to it. People affected with the condition suffer from shortness of breath. It can be fatal in some cases.

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