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Mitigating loss and damage is a long complex process with several parties involved. With a new tool called Dash View, American Restoration Water & Fire. provides a personal online profile to help keep you, your insurance company, and your restoration team informed about your restoration project’s progress.

American Restoration’s all-access, user-friendly tool, allows you to keep up with all the details of your restoration project from the very start, through the completion of the project with dated and detailed records.

Features—Dash View has them! Dash View allows easy access to information you may need when contacting your American Restoration customer service representative or your insurance company with questions about your project. Vital information includes your claim number, job number, job type, category and description. You will also find that Dash View displays photos of your project so you can visually track the progress of your restoration project. Photos are also submitted and accessible to be viewed by your insurance company. Log in at any time (and from anywhere) to view the status, estimated cost, target completion date, as well as notes and updates from our staff who are working on your project. And, with Dash View, we can link in your insurance company to make the restoration process even smoother!

Rest assured knowing that your home or business is in good hands and will look and feel “as good as new” in no time. For more information on Dash View and how you can track the progress of your restoration project online, contact your American Restoration Water & Fire technician at 505-206-5277.