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Fire departments around the country are reminding families to check and change the batteries of their smoke detectors as we “spring forward” and look toward the upcoming warmer months. American Restoration would like to echo this sentiment and outline the importance of changing smoke detector batteries for New Mexico’s families in order to prevent fire damage to your home.

Daylight Saving Time has become a benchmark in many communities to help individual families remember the importance of checking and changing batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Unfortunately, home fires cause thousands of dollars of fire and smoke damage every year and account for a significant number of deaths. Often times, victims of house fires did not have a working smoke detector at the time of the incident.

Home and business owners should not just check and replace the batteries on their smoke detectors, but also replace the mechanisms themselves regularly. Most modern smoke detectors are equipped with an expiration date and should be replaced every ten years at the very least. Equipping your home with preventive tools such as functional smoke detectors allow you to protect your family and your home from dangerous fires and lingering smoke damage in their aftermath.

American Restoration has a long history of repairing the effectives of home fires around New Mexico. Our licensed professionals prioritize loss-management and treat every family with compassion. We work hard and fast to make sure that, if you are the victim of a fire, your home is restored as quickly as possible so that you can carry on with your life.

Remember, preventing fire is much easier than repairing fire damage, so check and change the batteries in your smoke alarms with every change of season! If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at American Restoration.