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As you review insurance policy types to protect your home from natural disasters, flooding, smoke damage, fire damage, and more, it is important to have a full understanding of many types of insurance. At American Restoration, we hope to make the insurance purchasing process, as well as the disaster restoration process as easy and painless as possible. That’s why this month we’re exploring casualty insurance- what it is, and how it can work for you if you’ve been effected by property damage of any kind, whether or not it is from fire or flooding.

Casualty insurance is a very broad type of coverage that protects against loss of property, damage to property, and other related liabilities. Homeowner’s insurance offers substantial protection when your home has been affected by water damage or by a fire, but casualty insurance can occasionally offer more extensive protection if disaster strikes. While most often applied to instances of theft and similar misfortune, this category of insurance can also be applied to certain instances of flooding, mold growth, fire damage, and smoke damage. To find out what your potential casualty insurance plan includes, sit down with a professional to discuss the details.

Casualty insurance is often used by business owners looking to make sure all of their bases are covered if they are ever faced with property damage and the prospect of extensive disaster restoration to their facilities. The particulars of your homeowner’s insurance can provide you some insight into what’s covered when it comes to disaster reparation, and whether or not it would be advisable for you to pursue further insurance coverage, like casualty insurance.

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding and want to purchase additional insurance, researching flood insurance could prove insightful. For more broad coverage, consider casualty insurance after thoroughly researching what is included in your current homeowner’s insurance plan.

Of course, at American Restoration we like to emphasize routine proactive maintenance that can significantly reduce your risk of flood or fire. Yet, comprehensive insurance coverage provides the peace of mind of knowing that your home and valuables are protected should disaster strike. If you are in need of prompt and compassionate restoration services, please get in touch with us. Of course, we’re always happy to talk about prevention, as well.

Have all of your questions answered right now by giving us a call at (505) 206-5277.

Have all of your questions answered right now by giving us a call at (505) 206-5277.