Heavy downpours and high winds can cause flooding, even in New Mexico. The professionals at American Restoration respond to dozens of flood calls throughout the state every year. American Restoration knows that your roof is your best defense against water infiltration in your home. Don’t let flooding ruin your personal belongings, damage your home’s foundation, structure or interior. Don’t let it displace you from your home. Keeping your roof in good repair is simple, effective, and it can save you a lot of money.

Some roof problems should be left to professionals, but usually minor problems can be addressed with some basic tools and a little DIY experience. Here are some quick fixes you can make on your own that go a long way to prevent flooding and water damage!

Caring for a Flat Roof

If you’re like most New Mexicans and have a flat roof, keeping your roof clean and free of debris is crucial. Make sure your drains are free of blockage. If you determine that there is something inside of your drain pipes, you can easily unblock them by shooting a jet of concentrated water through.

You can easily add flashing to your flat roof. Bend the flashing around the base of your chimney, exhaust pipes and vents. Trim the excess. Hammer it into place, and apply a clear epoxy to seal the flashing.

Damaged Shingles: Quick DIY Fix

Another popular roof design is the pitch roof. A typical pitch roof home is covered with thousands of individual shingles. Inevitably, a few shingles will occasionally become damaged. Damaged or worn shingles can reduce your roof’s lifespan and make it easier for moisture to make its way into your home. Fortunately, you can easily replace a single shingle. Remove the damaged shingle, carefully making sure not to damage the shingle above it. Slip the new shingle into place and secure it under the shingle above with roofing nails. Apply roof cement to seal the shingles to the roof.

Every year, we send out dozens of technicians all over New Mexico to assess and repair damaged structures. Flooding is not only dangerous, but it’s incredibly inconvenient, requiring extensive repairs and restoration work. Preventive roof maintenance is an effective way to avoid flood damage. Of course, only attempt these if you feel comfortable. If you don’t feel confident scaling your roof, call a professional. And of course, if you do experience flooding, call American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC. We offer 24/7 emergency flood and fire service and repair.