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Typically, there are numerous flammable materials that you could have in your home, from cleaning chemicals to propane. These materials can cause a home fire or significant damage to your property if not well-stored. For this reason, you must follow precautions when storing flammable materials. This will help keep your place safe from fire damage, explosions, and poisoning. At American Restoration, we have compiled several helpful tips for storing flammable items.

1. Use Proper Containers

You may consider consolidating some solutions or using alternative containers when freeing up your storage space. Now, with flammable items, this is not recommended. Be sure to use Factory Mutual-certified containers to store combustible products.

2. Consider the Temperature

Generally, flammable materials should never be left in high temperatures or direct sunlight. Instead, it would be best to consider buying or building a storage cabinet for your flammable products.

3. Your Storage Location is Important

Most people use their garages and laundry rooms to store flammable materials, which can cause hazards, including fire damage. Also, you should keep flammable materials away from open flame and equipment that can cause sparks.

Areas to avoid storing flammable products include near electrical power tools, HVAC systems, water heaters, and washers. Keep flammable materials in a well-ventilated place away from your living area.

4. Keep Flammable Materials Out of Reach

Finally, flammable materials should be kept away from curious children and pets. Flammable items could easily poison or injure your children if proper precautions are not in place.

Keep your storage secure to avoid incurring fire restoration or other costs related to flammable materials. If you have faced the unimaginable with a home fire, contact us at American Restoration today. Our licensed technicians use specialized equipment to determine the extent of the fire and smoke damage. We also provide board-up services on windows and doors to secure your home. Once restoration begins our technicians will remove, clean, and safely store any items that are salvageable while the property is being repaired.