Having a fire escape plan for your home or business is crucial for fire safety. We here at American Restoration believe that fire danger should always be considered to protect your family/employees and their belongings. A properly developed and implemented plan will mitigate the human and financial cost incurred in a fire and ensure that order and safety are maintained in the event of a fire and aid in fire restoration afterwards.

Developing a fire safety plan can be a complicated task. Any plan should be made as a group so that everyone is familiar with the procedures, especially children or anyone new to the building. If there are critical items that need to be saved, such as important business documents or personal belongings, include their safety in your plan.

The foundation of your escape plan should include the routes you’ll take if you need to evacuate. Multiple routes should be considered, as fire dangers could block one. Make sure these routes are always clear and that access to the outside is easy. You should have practice drills to ensure these routes are known and make a common meeting area outside for everyone to gather for accountability. Regularly test your smoke alarms and ensure their locations are known to all.

In the unfortunate event that you have a fire, we’re here to help! At American Restoration, our professional and friendly staff offer 24/7 response all over New Mexico. Call American Restoration today if you are in need of fire restoration services!