Now that Fall has hit, the cold weather is on its way, and there’s nothing like a cozy fireplace to warm you up. At American Restoration, we want you to stay safe while you are enjoying your fire during these chilly months, so pay attention to these tips.

Have an inspection done: It’s important to have an inspection done each Fall prior to building the first fire in your fireplace. Buildup from previous fires can lead to smoke damage that may require smoke restoration services to remove soot and unpleasant smells in your home.

Use a fireplace screen: The crackling and popping of wood as it burns may be a soothing sound to cozy up to, but those cracks and pops signal embers that could leave the confines of the fireplace, thus landing on the floors or rugs. This could result in fire damage to your belongings as well as your home.

Burn dry wood and use approved fire-starting materials: Experts recommend using wood that has been dry for at least six months. The use of accelerants could lead to uncontrolled flames, causing a much larger home fire.

Remove fire hazards from the area around the fireplace: Decorations are one of the many joys of the Holidays. A beautifully decorated mantel can also be a significant fire hazard. Remove hanging décor such as banners or flags and ensure the floor near the fireplace screen is clear.

Make sure the smoke alarm works: As a basic rule of fire safety, homeowners should ensure that all smoke alarms have fresh batteries and are fully functional.

We hope you never need to use our fire restoration or smoke restoration services, so keep these fire safety tips in mind as the cold weather approaches. If the unimaginable happens, reach out to the experts at American Restoration for your needs.