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If water has found its way into your home or your business it may cause devastating damage, the harm caused by flooding goes deeper than just the exterior. The amount of flood water and its source is important in determining the proper approach to clean up. A swift and proper cleanup is imperative in order to prevent further, more costly damages, that are not immediately visible.

Category 1: White or clean water

Clean water is just that, clean and sanitary, it comes through our taps. Damages that are caused by whitewater are not dangerous and pose no immediate health risk. Clean water can still flood your home or business and do a lot of damage to structures and or building materials. Also, remember that clean water will become stagnant if left standing, or even contaminated if it meets any possible contaminants, this will cause it to fall into either category two or three.

After any flooding, ensure that no electrical devices have come into contact with the water, if so, please ensure you safely turn off your electricity at the main immediately, do not use any previous or currently wet electronics until you hire an electrician to inspect them. Also, any flood water that cannot easily and safely be dealt with manually please contact American Restoration so that their experts may handle any current flooding, or any damages sustained from flood water without you risking your own safety. All this information applies to categories two and three below.

Category 2: Greywater

Greywater is dirty water; it has been contaminated. Dishwater is considered greywater, as well as water that has washed clothes, been used for bathing or any water that has been in contact with any less than sanitary areas such as toilets. Greywater can contain, soap, chemicals, food particles and bacteria that may be dangerous to humans or animals. Also, note that greywater, especially soapy dish or bathwater is much more conductive and requires much more precaution when dealing with it, so it is much more important to seek the help of our professional services.

Category 3: Blackwater

Blackwater is unsafe, it is dangerous and carries significant contamination that poses serious health risks. Damage caused by blackwater is the most serious of all water types. Blackwater may contain feces, urine, harmful bacteria, chemicals, pesticides, toxins, dirt or decay. Blackwater can come from sewers, backed up water lines, flood water from rivers, ponds or overflowing streets and ditches. Homes and businesses that are damaged by blackwater require immediate attention and should only be attended to by an IICRC qualified professional such as the experts employed by American Restoration.