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One of the first things that come to mind when winter hits are how do we keep our hose bibs from freezing? Why do they freeze when the pipes are in our insulated wall? These hose bibs are one of the more vulnerable fixtures on your home because they are exposed to freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, disaster can happen from these frozen hose bibs, such as broken pipes that flood your home. American Restoration Water & Fire has a few tips to help prevent water damage from frozen hose bibs. 

For starters, your hose bibs need to be up to code, this means that your valve is able to be pushed deeper into the walls which help to prevent frozen pipes that tend to burst. Make sure that your outside faucet is frost-proof: this means that it’s been designed to release water that has been left in the bib even if it’s in freezing temperatures. One main tip that American Restoration Water & Fire recommends is to make sure your bibs are drained before the cooler weather sets in. This will save you hundreds, or even thousands in water damage and re-piping costs.

 Some other signs that your hose bib is frozen can be some of the following:

  • When you turn it on, no water comes out
  • Water appears in rooms that do not have a water feature
  • Hearing water running behind the walls

 American Restoration Water & Fire has been around for long enough to know that these small steps in prevention matter! If you are experiencing any of the above signs we recommend you call a licensed plumber to find the root of the problem immediately. Frozen bibs do not have to be a disaster waiting to happen when you properly drain them and have a frost-proof faucet installed on your home. If you experience a broken pipe and water damage, give us a call, day or night, and we will be there to help assist in the clean-up and restoration!