The United States Fire Administration states that you should absolutely not re-enter your home or business until the fire department specifically says that it’s safe to do so. Fires can start again, even if they appear to be put out. Additionally, roofs and floors can be damaged — and that damage can be unseen. And, even after being given the “all-clear” by the fire department — DO NOT GO INTO YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS ALONE, work in teams.

Fire can be devastating. Not just the fire itself, but the damage left behind after the fire — like holes in the walls, ceiling, and roof left by firefighters—and secondary smoke damage. Smoke can cause additional damage to all surfaces because of the acidic nature of the smoke—fabrics can be damaged; textures of personal objects can be changed. Our certified technicians have experience and equipment to remove residue and odors left behind by smoke. Also, dirty water left behind and soot can contain materials that can make you sick. Even after a small fire, it’s important to be safe. So, act quickly after a fire strikes your home or business.

Inadequate restoration services can leave your home unhealthy and dangerous. Our technicians are IICRC certified in the most up-to-date inspection and cleanup services on the market today. Ask us questions about the chemicals we use to clean up after a fire. We’ll even test small area to make sure our safe solutions do not cause you any difficulties. Also, we’re available 24 hours a day to answer any of your questions.

At American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC we take the necessary time to address every aspect of smoke and fire clean up to get you back into your home, safe and sound.