Did you know that home fires make up almost a quarter of all fire department calls? American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC has seen firsthand the damage that even a small fire can do to a home. Fire safety and prevention knowledge is key to preventing more home fires and saving lives. 

According to the National Fire Protection Association, between the years of 2014-2018, a five-year study was conducted and it showed that nearly 353,100 calls a year to all US Fire Departments were based on home fires. There are five causes for home fires: cooking, heating, smoking materials, electrical and light disturbances, and intentional fire setting. Home fires alone cause more than 2,000 deaths a year, and these were likely instances that could have been avoided.

 At American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC we understand that accidents happen and sometimes, the way a fire starts is unpredictable, even when steps are taken to prevent home fires. During the five-year study, cooking at home was the number one cause for the fire. Please continue to check back for the next two blogs that will feature fire prevention tips and tricks, as well as what to do when and if your home becomes engulfed in flames.

If you currently have fire damage and are looking for a proven and effective restoration company, look no further than American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC. We work directly with your insurance, and provide detailed steps on the restoration process as well as give you an estimated time for finished results. Contact American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC today!