Sometimes people mistakenly think that because they live in a dry climate that there is no chance of their home flooding. Nothing is further from the truth. All homes have hidden flooding dangers that can occur, wreaking havoc on the house’s contents and its occupants. If left unchecked, water damage from interior flooding can make your home unsafe structurally and even affect interior air quality. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced company like American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC, clean the damage and perform flood restoration work.

How Home Flooding Occurs

Most hidden flooding dangers are the result of some sort of accident. Sewers can back up, causing contaminated water to enter through drains in the lowest level of your home. Faucets leak, water heaters break, toilets overflow and sump pumps fail. Even the hoses that lead to your washing machine can cause serious damage. A burst washing machine hose can dump as much as 500 gallons of water into your home per hour. Multiply that amount per hour or even days and you can end up coming home to thousands of gallons of water inside your home.

Water Remediation Goes Beyond Removal

When you experience a flood, removing water as soon as possible is of utmost importance. Water damage, however, goes beyond drying out carpeting, padding and furniture. Water can permeate drywall and wood, causing both to warp. If damage is severe, portions of your walls and floors may require removal and reconstruction in order to make your home safe again. In order to minimize damage American Restoration uses high-powered water extraction and dehumidification equipment as per IICRC Certification flood restoration requirements. Using a company with IICRC Certification ensures that your home will be free of mold and other contaminants that flood waters can leave behind. Contact American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC today if you require any of our services.