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Nothing says tragedy like a house fire. According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2013, there were 369,500 house fires across America. These fires could have been caused by appliances, candles, holiday lighting, lightning fires, smoking materials, and more. Although you can do everything in your power as a homeowner to prevent fires, there are some natural causes and other circumstances that may be out of your control. This is why it is important to be prepared and know what to do in the unfortunate event of a fire.

If you have a fire in your home that you cannot stop with a fire extinguisher, evacuate your family from the home and call 911. Once the fire is out, do not attempt to enter the home especially if there appears to be structural damage. American Restoration Water & Fire. are licensed professionals who are extensively trained to handle your homes damage and repair process. Once the local fire department and our professionals determine the home safe to enter, they will help you take inventory of the damaged items in your home and take pictures of the damage to submit to your insurance company so you can rest assured that your home restoration is under control.

What most homeowners don’t realize about a fire is that smoke can be just as damaging to your belongings as the fire. Fine particles of ash and soot can suffuse into places throughout your home that are not visible causing lingering odors and potential allergy and breathing complications. To avoid inhaling these particles after the fire is put out, call American Restoration Water & Fire. at 505-206-5277 to board your windows and take care of your Smoke Remediation needs. We are IICRC certified and have all the necessary training, tools, and equipment to restore your home after disaster strikes.