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What if we told you there is a room in your house where surface temperatures regularly reach well over 100 degrees? A room with open flames where disaster could strike at any time if you don’t exercise the proper caution? Who would have thought the kitchen could be so dangerous? Yes, the place where friends and family regularly gather around to share food and conversation is one of the most predictable and preventable places for a fire to start. American Restoration are experts in repairing and rebuilding homes that have been struck by disaster, but we also want you and your family to stay safe by preventing them. Luckily, with a little common sense in the kitchen, you can significantly reduce your home’s risk of fire.

Our first kitchen safety essential is a fire extinguisher. Throwing pans of water onto a fire isn’t always effective- and for grease fires it can make the situation worse! An easily accessible fire extinguisher can be the difference between a small pan fire and a home engulfed in flames. Make sure to read the instructions so that if you need to act quickly, you are ready to! Along with your fire extinguisher, make sure than a smoke detector is located nearby, and that the batteries are changed every six months to ensure that it is operating at peak performance.

Beyond simple tools to have on hand, your own actions can make kitchen fires more preventable. Never leave boiling, simmering, or frying food on the stovetop unattended! Stay in the room to monitor the situation, and if you must leave, make sure everything is turned off. When cooking, be conscious of what you’re wearing and your movements- loose, billowy clothing can easily catch on fire and create a dangerous situation.

Lastly, de-clutter your countertops! Nearby towels, rags, paper packaging, and the like can easily become kindling for a stove fire. When it comes time to serve the delicious meal you’ve prepared, always use an ovenmitt to remove the cookware from the stovetop rather than dangling towels or fabrics that might accidentally catch flame.

Make sure your kitchen remains a happy place for your family to gather around and share a meal by taking these easy steps to prevent disaster. Do you still have questions about fire safety in your home? The experts at American Restoration are here to help. Give us a call at (505) 206-5277.