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Most water damage is caused by accidents in the home that are preventable. A simple maintenance checkup can stop a leak from causing tens of thousands of dollars in damages. To avoid extensive flood restoration costs , homeowners must identify and prevent these threats to their homes.

Where Is the Water Supply Located?

A leak can form in the water supply line that serves your house. Know where the main shutoff valve to this supply line is located, whether it’s the side of the house, near the sidewalk, or underground. The water company can provide you with directions to this location or dispatch a professional to find it for you. Once you know where this valve is located, you can shut it off immediately to avoid flooding.

Check Annually for Leaks

Have a plumber check your pipes and appliances for water leaks. The signs of leakage include damp spots on the walls, floors or ceilings. Some people also notice green or black mold stains. A more obvious sign is a spike in the water bill. For example, it would show that water is being wasted but no one is using more water than usual.

Maintain Appliances Annually

Hire a plumber to perform maintenance checks on the appliances that use water. Do this once a year to maintain consistency. The plumber can check for leaks that cause the water to drain in odd places all over the home.

Prevent Plumbing Accidents

It is easy to prevent plumbing accidents such as burst pipes. In the world of plumbing, one small problem leads to a bigger one that only gets worse over time. Look for small problems like small leaks, clogged drains or blocked toilets that often occur regularly. Pipes work like arteries in the human heart. If enough clogs get into the pipes, the pipes could burst, causing a massive flood. Pay attention to how you use your bathroom or kitchen appliances. Keep the plumbing systems in good condition at all times to avoid flooding.

To avoid water damage in your home, it’s important to pay attention to the causes and the solutions available. If you do experience a flood, contact American Restoration for flood restoration services. We can help minimize the damages in your home and ensure the long-term safety of your home as well.