At American Restoration, we consider our pets a part of the family. During an emergency, their safety is a great concern. Whether you have a cat who likes to hide under the bed or a dog who bolts for the back door, it is important to have a backup plan in case of a home emergency such as a fire or flood. Follow these pet safety tips to make sure they’re taken care of under any circumstances.

Microchip Your Pet

When smoke or flood water enters the building, many pets like to evacuate themselves. Luckily, any vet, shelter, or pet store can scan a microchip and reunite you with your furry family members. If your pet is already microchipped, make sure that the chip is updated with current contact information.

Add a Decal to Your Window

You might not be home during an emergency, but your pets probably will be. Place a decal in your front window so that rescue crews know how many pets you have. These decals can be purchased online or found at your local fire department.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

An emergency kit will ensure you have the essentials if you have to leave in a hurry. A basic pet safety kit includes food, amenities like plastic bags or kitty litter, medical documents, and comfort items like blankets or toys. You’ll also want to have a leash or a pet carrier. Place the kit by the main exit, and make sure all of your family members know where it is.

Have an Evacuation Plan

Sit down with your family and discuss how you plan to evacuate in case of an emergency. Discuss things like where the best exits are, who will grab each pet, and where you’ll meet up if you get separated. Consider running a few trial evacuations, just like a school might run a fire drill. As you make a plan, think about where each of your pets likes to hide; that’s probably where they’ll retreat if an emergency happens.

Leave a Door Open

If you can’t find your pet but still need to evacuate, make sure to leave the door open. Hiding pets will usually try to leave once smoke or flooding becomes a problem. An open exit will greatly increase their chance of survival.

Find a Safe Haven

Pets can’t always stay in hotels or storm shelters. Think about where your pets would go if your family was displaced. You may want to find a friend or family member who can foster them during an emergency. Your vet may also be able to recommend excellent kennels and other boarding facilities.

If an emergency situation happens, the most important thing is that your entire family makes it out safely. Reach out to the experts at American Restoration after the event, and we’ll help take care of the damage for you!