The best part about vacation is there, so let’s get your home ready for you to be gone from it for an extended amount of time, so when you do come home, everything is as you left it. American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC has seen too many times the damage that can happen to a home when a family is on vacation, from a fire that could have been prevented or water damage from a leak that started and no one was able to catch it. 

Here is a list of things to do to prep your home for your safe return: 

    1. Clean: One of the last things you want to do is come home to a dirty home. You just spent all that time relaxing, and now you have the immediate stressor of life when you walk back into your home. 
    2. Set your thermostat: It’s hot, but no one is going to be home to have to cool off, so setting your home around 84 degrees and then programming it to come back down the day you get back will save you money on your energy bill.
    3. Get Timers: Many homeowners like to leave a light on in certain rooms of their home to make it look like someone is there, but a light left on for an extended amount of time is a fire hazard. Set lights up around the house with timers on them; this way, they aren’t on the entire time you are gone.
    4. “Hold” You Mail: You don’t want your mail carrier to deliver all your mail to your house because your box was full; that is an alert to those looking for empty homes. The USPS offers a “mail hold” service. You can start it, and then they will deliver it to your home on the day you are ready for it!
    5. Turn off Water: Since no one will be home, you can turn the water off to your toilets, sinks, and water heater. It would be awful to come home to soaking wet carpet and ruined floors and walls.

There are at least 100 different things you can do to prepare your home, but at American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC, we want you to come home to home, not to a mess that we are called in to take care of. If you do get home from vacation and there has been an incident, we can be out there 24/7 with our emergency response team to take care of it! American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC has been in the business of restoring homes from water and fire for many decades; consider the professionals when you make that call to have someone get your home back in tip-top shape.