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In New Mexico, we highly value rain due to our dry desert climate. At American Restoration Water & Fire, we know rain is typically a good thing in our environment, but we understand that too much rain can quickly become dangerous. When puddles build up and the earth can no longer absorb the water, it starts to form streams. Depending on the amount of rain that continues to fall, these streams can become stronger and can cause some serious damage to yards, streets, and houses.

So how do you prevent this damage? There are a few things you can do during the dry seasons to prepare for rain storms. First, you should inspect your roof for any insecurities. Check the condition of the gutters, if you house has them, to make sure they do not need any repairs. Observe the roof itself and take note of any sagging, damaged, or aging areas that may not be able to withstand a heavy rain storm. If you have a shingled roof, look for spots on your roof that may be missing shingles. If you have a chimney, check that it is completely sealed and that no cracks are visible.

Secondly, check the landscaping in your yard. It is a good idea to trim overhanging trees or branches that could break with strong winds. If these branches were to break and land on your roof, more serious problems could occur. Also, falling leaves and twigs from these trees could block your home’s gutters which could increase the risk of leaks.

Lastly, from the interior of your house and the attic, inspect to roof for signs of leaking and damage. Again, look for parts that look as though they might be sagging or have water damage. Also, look for opening and cracks where outside light is shining through to the inside of the house from the attic.

Keep I mind that making repairs ahead of time is much more cost efficient than having to restore your home after a flood. If you observe any of these issues with your home, it may be worth your time to call a professional from American Restoration Water & Fire for repair advice.