With winter fast approaching and the temperature dropping below freezing already, American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC wants to remind you of a few easy steps you can take to prevent the pipes in your home from freezing and flooding. Freezing pipes which can lead to busted pipes and home flooding, are some of the most common expenses for homeowners around the country and can cost thousands of dollars to fix. Taking these easy-to-do precautions could prevent frozen pipes and unwanted flooding in your home this winter.

  • Keep your home at a minimum temperature of 55°F. This will keep your pipes exposed to a high enough temperature that should prevent them from freezing.
  • Keep interior doors open to maintain a consistent indoor temperature throughout your home.
  • Keep the garage door closed.
  • Let your faucets drip; this is especially good if you are away from your home for several days and the temperature will be below 20°F. Dripping faucets keep water moving; they don’t need to stream, just drip.
  • Be sure to seal any cracks.
  • Install Pipe Insulation: it’s unnecessary, but this could benefit you if you worry about your pipes freezing!
  • Leave the heat on. If you plan on being away from your home for an extended period, leave your thermostats set at no lower than 55°F.

Taking preventative measures is just one of the things that homeowners have to do to help maintain their homes. Pipe inspections are also recommended, but if you are unsure how to do that, you can contact your local plumbing company, and they can do the inspection for you. Home flooding in the winter can be a very stressful event, but at American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC, we take the stress out of it and get you back to your life sooner rather than later! For all your water damage and restoration needs, American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC is there for you 24/7!