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Smoke detectors are an important aspect of a safe home. Detectors are one of your first defenses against home fires and fire damage. When properly installed and maintained, smoke detectors can alert you to the first signs of smoke and help prevent any risks to your home and your health. Here are a few steps to ensure you are well prepared.

Do your research and pick out the right smoke detector: Before you go out and purchase smoke detectors for your home, it is important to do your research. There are various options out there, so make sure you choose the detector that best meets your needs and budget.

Purchase the necessary number of detectors for your home: The size and layout of your home will determine the number of smoke detectors you should install. There should be detectors in each bedroom and outside each sleeping space. If you have multiple levels in your home, detectors should be installed on every level.

Test your smoke detectors and perform power tests monthly: It is crucial to periodically test your smoke alarms and perform power tests monthly. To run a test, push the test button to ensure that the detector has power, and the sound is sufficient.

Clean your smoke detectors annually: It may come as a surprise, but your smoke detectors need to be cleaned at least once yearly. Dust and gunk can impact the efficiency of the alarm. Clear your detector of any debris, and make sure to avoid liquid or spray cleaners.

Fire safety is vital when it comes to the responsibilities of homeownership. It’s always important to be prepared, especially regarding house fires. For more information or if you experience fire or smoke damage to your home, contact the professionals at American Restoration in Albuquerque. Our team offers a full range of property restoration services to keep your home comfortable and safe.