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Few things are as devastating as a home fire, whether caused by a lit cigarette, appliance, electrical concern or other issue. After the fire, it is important that the smoke odor is removed from your home, especially for health reasons. Continue reading below to learn more about how to remove these odors from your home.

1. Conduct Air Purification

You should look into air purification services and devices to bring your air back to a healthy state in your home. You can assist in the removal of smoke odors by placing baking soda throughout your home. These methods combined will remove harmful chemicals from the air.

2. Remove Debris

After a fire, there may be a significant amount of debris. This debris is caused by both the smoke and the fire and can leave behind smoky odors. Make sure to remove all stains by using soot erasers. Sweep away any particles that remain as well.

3. Perform Smoke Restoration

If necessary, to completely remove the smoke cell, you may have to engage in total smoke restoration of your home. You can replace the furniture and all appliances. Demolition may be needed as well to replace the wood and foundation in order to eliminate the odors.

4. Get Rid of Cigarette Smell

If a fire was started by a lit cigarette, or you continue to suffer from smoky smells due to cigarettes; there are steps to take to eliminate these smells as well. Try to keep windows open and clean with bleach as much as possible. If necessary, use ozone treatments to purify the air.


If you have suffered damage in your home due to fires, there is sure to be a smoky smell left behind. If this is the case, be sure to contact American Restoration Water and Fire to bring your home back to order. American Restoration has all the services you need get your home back to normal.