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During the snowy winter season in New Mexico, American Restoration Water & Fire recommends that homeowners examine their roof for ice dams, which are a major cause of roof leaks.

Ice dams form when snow covers your roof while the outside temperature is below freezing and the interior temperature of your attic is very warm. One sign that you may have an issue with an ice dam is the formation of icicles at the edge of your roof. Although amazing to look at and beautiful to photograph, icicles build up as result of water freezing, melting, and re-freezing over time. Eventually, water and ice will form behind the icicles, creating an ice dam.

Why is this important?

When an ice dam forms, melted snow and ice will back up and migrate underneath the shingles on your roof. Shingles are meant to direct water downward. Ice dams hold water and can actually move that water up underneath the shingles. Once this happens, a roof leak is almost unavoidable, leading to health risks and costly repairs.

What’s the answer?

It’s important to make sure the ice dam doesn’t form in the first place. Decrease the temperature in your attic by checking and upgrading your insulation. You might also consider the installation of roof vents or other methods of moving cool air into your attic space. Before venting, however, make sure your attic insulation is protecting the living area of your home. If you are not comfortable with these procedures, contact a licensed professional; exposure to some attic insulation materials can cause itching, rash, and respiratory issues. Water Damage?

If water damage does occur because of an ice dam or other issue, contact American Restoration Water & Fire immediately. Our IICRC-certified technicians and construction professionals can evaluate the cause of the leak and have the issue repaired in no time. Don’t delay— call us today at 505-206-5277.