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It may come as a surprise, but home ventilation is extremely important. The proper indoor air quality is necessary to maintain good health and comfort levels in your home.

It’s imperative to keep the air in your home from becoming stagnant. You can do this by allowing it to flow correctly throughout the house, thus eliminating contaminants that may exist. If you live in an area with higher moisture levels, it’s important to also keep moisture from rising, as it can lead to mold and be the causation of respiratory and other health issues. Mold does not only damage your house’s foundation, but it is also dangerous for your health. It can cause irritation of eyes, throat, and nose as well as headaches and even fevers. On a day to day basis, moisture can be created by cooking, showering, appliances using hot water, and more. Although moisture can’t be completely eliminated, there are steps you can take to reduce it, such as running the bathroom fan when taking a hot shower. Below are some ways the experts at American Restoration suggest to ventilate your home.

What are Some Ways to Ventilate Your Home?

* Open doors and windows to allow air to flow throughout the home.

* Make sure that all vents are open and are unblocked by furniture, rugs, or other objects.

* Utilize your exhaust fans, as they give targeted ventilation in needed areas such as in the bathroom and kitchen.

* Utilize balanced ventilation which is used through separate fans that drive both inlet and exhaust flow of air. These can control where the fresh air comes from, and where the fresh air is delivered. If ducted, it can deliver fresh air to spaces that are the most lived in such as the living room, family room, bedrooms, etc. It then exhausts the indoor air with moisture or pollutants that comes from rooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

If you are a homeowner in New Mexico, American Restoration Water and Fire is here to help you with any mold damage issues that exist in your home. Our licensed professionals combine efficient state-of-the-art techniques and the latest technologies to perform a full range of restoration services. Give us a call for more information!