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Does your home feature a mounted evaporative cooler, also known as a swamp cooler? American Restoration Water & Fire would like to take this opportunity to inform homeowners that use a mounted swamp cooler on their roofs to be on the lookout for water damage that can ruin your roof and even your siding. 

A swamp cooler uses water-soaked pads and a fan to cool your home when the humidity is low. This comes in extremely handy in our dry New Mexico climate. But, swamp coolers take more manual labor and attention to make sure it is started correctly and that it continues to run without issues during the heat. Occasionally you can spot a problem on your roof when water starts to leak. Here are some of the main reasons your swamp cooler may be leaking:

Float Valve: Like your toilet, it maintains a set amount of water, and if the float valve becomes broken, it can overrun the reservoir, creating a leak and water pouring down your roof.

Leaky Pads: Ensure that the pads in your cooler are the right size and placed correctly. Either one of these issues can create a leak.

Damaged Reservoir: If you see water coming from the bottom of the swamp cooler, your reservoir may be rusted or damaged and needs to be repaired. 

Water Lines: Make sure that your water line and spider tube arms are secure and not loose. This will create a water leak that could lead to other damages.

Identifying why your swamp cooler is leaking is a great start to beginning the process of fixing your roof and siding. When water is left to run for too long, it starts to deteriorate its surrounding surfaces like shingles, stucco, and wood siding. American Restoration

Water and Fire, LLC recommends that you have a licensed HVAC company come and assess the damage, as well as a roofing company. If water damage has seeped into your home, American Restoration Water & Fire will gladly come and take that burden off your list of to-dos.