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Meet David Weatherford, one of American Restoration Water & Fire’s water restoration technicians, and a valuable part of our team. David moved to New Mexico from Fort Worth, TX, and calls Tyler, TX his hometown.

Starting out four years ago in the industry as a laborer with another restoration company, David quickly developed an enthusiasm for the work of helping people restore their lives following a disaster. As a self-motivated person working in the restoration field, he sought knowledge and information from more-experienced coworkers, rapidly acquiring a command for technique and procedure.

Now, with Water Restoration Technician and Applied Structural Drying certifications, David is a knowledgeable and experienced technician himself, and loves to teach people the hows and whys of what he does.

David has been married for three-and-a-half years to his wife, Chelsea. Together they have three cats, and enjoy the outdoors, hunting, and fishing. They also love to cook—especially BBQ. David and his brother even compete in BBQ contests.

Music is a big part of David’s identity, constantly incorporating references into everything he does. “I have more musical knowledge in my brain than I know what to do with,” he says. He also enjoys collecting antiques, junk, and finding new uses for things other people have cast aside.

David is skilled with the technical aspects of water restoration, and in the personal aspects, as well, saying customer service “is paramount in this field due to the nature of the emergency services. Ensuring customer satisfaction is very important to me.”