The team at American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC understand the devastation that can be caused by even a small water leak. Major residential water leaks can spread thousands of gallons of water and cause over $25,000 in damage in just a matter of a few hours.

One of our customers is recovering from a recent major water leak– where a broken washer connection dumped almost 3 inches of water over 3,000 square feet– the entire home. Our crews worked for days to extract water and dry out the home– taking us almost a week to complete that phase of our operation. Then it was up to our team to document, move out all personal belongings, and repair every room in the house and put all furniture and belongings back in place… a process that took almost 30 days.

Needless to say, this customer was greatly impacted by the water event. While our reconstruction was still going on, the customer contacted their local alarm company to inquire about an alarm upgrade that might include water sensors. In fact, there was a wireless upgrade path for their alarm panel. And, just before the re-construction was complete, 9 wireless sensors were installed, each with ability to monitor water, heat, and freezing temperatures. Not a bad idea.

Will this prevent another major leak? No. But if there is a “next time” our customer will have the ability to quickly come home (or contact the city or a neighbor) and check on their home– saving them the heartache of finding their home completely under water again.

And, if you have a water leak, large or small, contact the team at American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC to help put your home back together.