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Mold and mildew thrive during the Winter months because of the wet climate. American Restoration can help you any time of the year with your mold and mildew problems.

As you heat your home and warm air rises to the top of your home or runs into a cold window, condensation forms. This condensation is a breeding ground for mold and can cause your home to be an unhealthy place.

When the temperature in your home starts to drop a little after you have used your heat, condensation can also form behind places like your furnace or in your ductwork. It is important to contact American Restoration if you suspect that there is mold in your home.

Dead and decaying plants can also cause mold to thrive. In the winter months, there are many dead plants around your home. If you are not careful, these plants could lead to mold growth inside of your property. The wind can blow mold spurs inside of your home if there are dead plants close to your doors or windows.

American Restoration can take care of all your mold remediation needs so that your home is a healthy place to live. Our team is standing by to provide premium mold removal service that will be performed quickly and efficiently. When the temperature starts to drop outside and you start to warm up the interior of your home, we can help stop mold from causing you unnecessary problems. Contact us right away for more information or to set up a mold remediation appointment today.