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Monsoon season is rapidly approaching, that means wet weather, lightning and thunder. Although it is rare for lightening to strike a home, it can happen. That’s why it also boosts the chances of the dangers of residential or commercial fires. If your home or business is struck by lightning, you should call the fire department immediately. Most lightning fires tend to start in the attic or the walls of a structure, but they can start anywhere the lightening travels.

If lightening does strike, the current it takes to the ground can be the structures electrical system. If a power surge does occur, it can cause significant damage to anything plugged in in the home or business. Homes or businesses that encounter lightning often pay the price as far as electronic devices go. In order to protect your devices, you should unplug them during a storm.

Not only is fire an immediate danger, but shock waves that produce thunder can cause significant damage to the structure of the home. Lightening can damage concrete, brick, or stone. The waves can even shatter glass and crack foundations.

American Restoration Water & Fire is a full-service company that can assist you with any and all aspects of residential or commercial lightning associated fires. When you need professional fire cleanup, smoke damage or fire restoration, our technicians can assist you in all your specific requests.