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As you may know, New Mexico is a drought-ridden state, and during the dry weather season, we experience high fire dangers. American Restoration Water & Fire hope that the following tips on keeping your home safe during the dry weather season will save you and your home from potential fire loss.

  • Make sure that piles of leaves have been taken care of and aren’t gathering in the corners of your yard. Embers from a neighbor burning or enjoying their night with a bonfire in their backyard could mean devastation for your home.
  • Bonfires and firepits are a great way to spend warm evenings gathered around with friends or family, but utilizing your knowledge of fire safety is key!
    • Don’t build your bonfire or firepit too close to your home.
    • Clean the area around your yard of any debris.
    • Always have a bucket of sand and a water hose in a convenient and easy-to-locate spot to quickly deal with any mishaps.
    • To effectively put out the bonfire, make sure to drown and stir it before heading to bed.
  • You may want to burn that pile of leaves and weeds, but you need to make sure that you can. Otherwise, you could be fined a hefty penny when it isn’t a “Burn Day” in your area. You can check for that here.
  • If your home has gutters, make sure that they are free from built-up leaves and debris.

Most yards are xeriscaped or have been left with the natural landscape. To keep your home safe, be sure to check for dead vegetation and remove it routinely. American Restoration Water & Fire are experts in fire damage restoration. We know how stressful it is to deal with on your own; that is why we handle it so that you can take care of yourself and your family!