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Are you ready for heavy rains? The New Mexico Monsoon Season is upon us and threatens to bring us heavy rain, dangerous flooding, and possible damage to homes and businesses. According to the National Weather Service, New Mexico Monsoons typically last from June 15th through September 30th. During this time, thunderstorm activity increases due to heated air which causes additional low-pressure systems in the Southwest to develop. These low pressure systems (combined with the effects of El Nino) bring in an influx of moisture to our area. The result: high winds, heavy downpours, dangerous lightning, flash flooding, and damage to structures.

At American Restoration Water & Fire, we understand the damage that heavy rains can cause to your home or business. We see heavy rains severely flood homes from roof damage or roof malfunction. We also see flood damage occur when violent storms create large pools of water next to your foundation. The result is water penetrating your structure through the foundation and/or sill plate. It’s important to note that we will work with your insurance company for water damage caused by a faulty roof or window. However, if water penetrates your home or business through your foundation, there is the very strong possibility that that damage may not be covered unless you have a flood insurance policy. Most people in New Mexico do not carry this insurance policy. Please contact your insurance carrier before there’s a flood to make sure that you’re completely covered and know what to expect.

If water damage should affect your home or business, call the company that understands how to put your home or business back together—American Restoration Water & Fire.