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American Restoration knows that our friends and family in the Albuquerque area spend years building and creating the perfect home. It’s frightening to see how quickly disaster, such as flooding or fire, can take that sense of safety and comfort away. As quickly as all of your most valued possessions can be taken away from you, the process of getting them back through insurance claims can be lengthy and difficult. That’s why we encourage you to prepare for disaster by creating a comprehensive inventory of valuables in your home.

A home inventory is one of the most valuable things that you can have on hand after you’ve been affected by disaster. At its most basic, a home inventory is simply a list of every valuable item in your home, and as many supplementary documents you can provide, such as pictures, receipts, serial numbers, or appraisal documents. For example, after extensive flood damage to your home, an inventory of valuables will allow you to save time and recover much more from your insurance company.

Individual insurance policies are unique to you and your home, so be sure to follow up the information provided here with guidance from your insurance agent. In general, however, a home inventory list should include anything of value that you would like to be replaced, and can be replaced, after extreme devastation to your home, got example after your home has suffered extensive fire damage. Walk through your home room by room and carefully examine its contents. Snapping pictures of your most prized possessions, or even taking video. Categorizing items such as “electronics,” “jewelry,” and so on can also help you to more effectively organize your list.

After any sort of disaster where you make a homeowner’s insurance claim, your agent will ask you to recount the items in your home- could you do that from memory? Stay ahead of the game by following the expert advice of the staff of American Restoration- create a home inventory! After significant home damage you will be able to recover much more of your home’s value when you have a comprehensive list, and you’ll save a lot of time. Share the list with your insurance agent, a trusted lawyer, and keep a copy somewhere safe for your own records

Remember, if your house suffers damage from flooding, fire, or smoke, American Restoration supports you as you rebuild your life and your home. Have more questions about what we do? We’re happy to answer them. Contact us today!