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Now is the time to prepare your home to prevent fire damage during New Mexico’s fire season. At American Restoration, we hope you take advantage of these fire prevention tips.

Embers can travel up to a mile and ignite a home or flammable items near it. Homeowners can take steps to make their home less vulnerable to embers. The first step is to clean debris from their gutters and roof. Missing or damaged shingles should be replaced or repaired. Next, metal mesh screens should be installed to cover eave and attic vents to prevent embers from entering the home. Finally, anything flammable that is in contact with exterior walls, under decks, or beneath porches should be removed.

After safeguarding your home, homeowners need to establish a 30-foot zone around the house as a buffer. In this zone, it’s important to remove dead vegetation, pine needles, and leaves. Grass should not be allowed to grow higher than four inches. Firewood should be stored more than 30 feet from the home. Plants should be moved away from windows.

During fire season, homeowners need to be extremely careful when using fire. An outdoor fire should never be left unattended. It’s also a good idea to have a fire extinguisher nearby whenever you’re using fire in your yard. After enjoying an outdoor fire, making sure the fire is completely out is a must. Safety measures like wetting the area around a charcoal or gas grill before cooking should not be neglected. Grills should be used at least 15 feet from the house.

At American Restoration, we hope you, your home, and loved ones remain safe during fire season. In the unfortunate event that your property experiences fire damage, we can help. Call us at 505-206-5277